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It is often said that only the bookmakers win from gambling… So why not bet like a bookmaker? So that’s exactly what we offer here at Racing Lay Bets; teaching you how to make money by betting like a bookie. We do this through a thing called lay betting.


What Is Lay Betting?

Lay betting is simply betting that something won’t happen. In horse racing, laying a horse is picking a horse to lose a race. Unlike traditional betting where you back a horse to win, laying a horse means that you assume the role of a bookmaker – if the horse loses you win, but if the horse wins you pay out. Just click How-To-Lay to learn more.


Make Profit With Lay Bets

Everyone knows its much easier to pick a loser then it is to pick a winner. Think about it. The average horse race has 8 horses. There can only be 1 winner – that means 7 horses will lose! And probably out of the 7 losers only 2 or 3 even had a chance of winning. So all you would have to do is pick 1 out of the 4 or 5 horses that has no chance. So it’s easy right. Well not quite.


Picking Profitable Horses

The secret to lay betting is minimising loses. Statistically, 32% of favourites actually win their race. That means 68% lose. But here at Racing Lay Bets, we use our unique favourite-profiling system to eliminate the good favourites and increase the chances of our favourites losing to 87%. This impressive strike rate is how are able to delver our excellent long term profits!

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